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About Bearhug

The story behind.

For something that has over 5,000 slang terms, the period is one of the most ignored human rights issues around the globe.

– The New York Times

This is where we started. This is when we started. This is why we started. The voice of women should not be unheard, and the pain should not be ignored. We want to prove that we can and do take good care of ourselves, and that there is no shame about it.

Every month, half of the human race are in pain silently, while the other half barely think about, let alone understand, how it feels. The period has always been there, just like eating and sleeping. However, as flocks of people are trying to solve eating and sleeping by fixing food delivery and building sleep trackers, it is as if the period has never existed.

Bearhug is inspired by the voice of many women, and is our first attempt to relieve the pain and trouble we endure during our periods. It is a tiny first step, but we hope by tackling such pain points one by one, we can not only take better care of ourselves, but also build more awareness, understanding and sympathy around these issues we all face as women.

We are on a long journey to overcome the many hurdles women face at home, in workplaces, and in the society at large. And Bearhug, is how we started.