Service - Bearhug

The Bearhug Service

Bearhug is not meant to simply be a place where you can buy quality pads. It is a service that takes a hassle out of your life, and reliably takes care of you during those few days of a month.



Life is busy, and the period only comes about once a month. While it is important to be prepared for it, keeping track of the next period is troublesome. The Bearhug service is designed to take this nuisance away. Tell us when your last period happened, and roughly how long your interval is.



Just about the only thing you need to do is to take five minutes and set up a Bearhug subscription. Your first Bearhug box will then arrive a few days before your next period, and we will go from there.



Hope you take a good rest during the period! We will follow up on your happiness and your period schedule by a separate email after your period.